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DIRTY LYNX - 10-21-2008

Maverick Neko Ears.

After quite some time, I decided that in order to stick more to the Neko style we should make some more variations to the core neko stuff - meaning the ears and tails in the first place of course. While I plan to release more, the first piece is here. Maverick ears - unisex, sculpted, with advanced HUD functions such as changing textures and resizing. They come in two colors, changeable through the HUD. Very sexy. xStreetSL link

DIRTY LYNX - 10-07-2008

And a fresh face coming :)

I'm happy to welcome yet another top designer as a part of our team. It's Marinoco Oceanlane - the owner of the well known Marinoco fashion brand! I guess sometimes you have to take a brake from the stuff you're doing and the result in Marinoco's case is the Higure corset dress. A bit goth style, black and sexy it's a fine addition to our existing corset line. We're sure looking forward to what's she's got in her sleeve next, because the Higure seems to be quite successful judging from the initial sales :) Well done! Get it on xStreet SL (noticed the change, btw?)

DIRTY LYNX - 10-07-2008

New high heels

Ok, i got the silettos sculpts from Moe some months ago. I wasn't really sure what to make out of them, so they were just waiting for their day to come. It has now! I've finished them in a bit of a goth style, added little voodoo bones collection to it so that the magic is with you. Two sizes inside, modifiable and transfer. Get them on slx now!


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