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DIRTY LYNX - 12-22-2008

Yuki Ashige

Just before I take the vacation I managed to finish the white variation to the Ashige line. Ashige Yuki are stylishly monochromatic, they come with different fittings and they'll certainly be available for the same great price :) Buy one at XStreetSL now!

DIRTY LYNX - 12-21-2008

Ashige Heavy Boots

We haven't produced decent heavy boots since the times of *Cuban revolution boots* - and it was about the time to change that. And what time would fit that purpose better than now, before the end of the year :)

The Ashige will form a product line much the same way as the *Kasai* do now. They're modifiable, meaning they can be adjusted to your very needs whether you're a male or female urban warrior. Great style, more to come :) XstreetSL link

DIRTY LYNX - 12-16-2008


With the Christmass coming inevitably, we've prepared a great sale promo. Premium transfer items have been selected and put to sale display in the mainstore. The sale price is up to 50% lower than the regular. Tehey'll make for perfect gifts. With the sale only lasting until the end of december, there's nothing to wait for! Just a reminder, for these items on sale, no refunds will be issued.

DIRTY LYNX - 12-11-2008

New GridSquat series piece

In the meantime we managed to widen our GridSquat line with the second addition: the Barrel model. Larger than the Camper, with more positions, also including the bonus rezzable versions with poseballs. Thanks to Starfleets for the modelling again :) XstreetSL link


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