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DIRTY LYNX - 04-17-2008

New hairsets!

Today is something special. Somehow we got all our new major releases scheduled for today, and luckily i managed to put all of them out to the shop as well! So I proudly present three new hairstyles by Ivanka. It was something out of this world to put them together during the recent grid malfunctions, but hey, that's the job we do :) Come to the mainstore to check them out, the SLX release will be a bit delayed due to the quantity of the color combos.... I'm not a machine :)

DIRTY LYNX - 04-17-2008

Kasai chuckers - We just rock!

Well i was going for those for nearly two months now. Our sculpter did a total job and I finally got to finish the texturing as well. Fully sculpted, top street style, used shoes with flaming ornaments on them. Of course, there will be more designs available soon. Style yourself at SLX :)

DIRTY LYNX - 04-17-2008

Two nice tops in the meantime...

We were working reeeeeally hard recently. Surely it's being my busiest time in SL so far :) We got some excellent products coming, but in the meantime we just added two nice tops just for the kick of it. Nice reddish woolen sweater with a sculpted collar - I really needed to see some sweater in our product line - and of course a stylish Harajuku girl shirt by Ivanka. More jaanese style anyone? The obligatory SLX links: *DL* Neko Queen Sweater and *DL* Harajuku Girl Shirt

DIRTY LYNX - 04-09-2008

Kitsune hoodie out!

Just a simple hoodie without the bottom primwork, in two layers so that it can be combined with shirt. Kitsune meaning fox in japanese, used in ornaments on the hoodie. Get it on SLX now!

DIRTY LYNX - 04-07-2008

Jeans frenzy at DL!!! :)

Ok, I'm the first one to admit. I reeeeealy like feminine jeans looks. In the last couple of days I played with it a lot, yes. Yeah, and this is the third jeans release in one week. So what, I said I like them :))) This ProjectOne bundle contains nine colors of easy casual jeans. Male female, you choose the mood, and mod again so you choose the length as well :) Get them on SLX!

DIRTY LYNX - 04-07-2008

Taka Jeans Out!

Another piece by Dirty Lynx Fashion. Taka meaning Hawk in japanese, these winged design will make your soul fly. Sweet urban jeans, bootleg style, again, modifiable in case you need to shorten them for your high boots. Top neko urban revolution style. Get them on SLX now!

DIRTY LYNX - 04-04-2008

Keikoku Jeans

I just neeeeded some jeans. So i made some :) No, really, very nice designer scrubber jeans, bootleg style, with ornaments and tatoos. No particular sign on them thus universal. Enjoy again... P.S.: Male ones are coming as well! Get them on SLX now!

DIRTY LYNX - 04-03-2008

Good things come in three :)

Ok, in case you don't believe your eyes, it's true. Dirty Lynx is now in a very creative stage (as I guess every new business is :) and the outcomes are really making me happy.

Again we got new stuff on the stage! Today it's these two MiniKitty sets by Ignor each containing a scarf, skirt, cuffs and and leg wrap.

The third one is sweet jeans skirt by Ivanka, once again finetuning the style. The marvelous concept allows for four different combinations. You can wear the prim skirt and the top, the prim skirt itself, just the pants, or make a lovely pants with a top. Well done :)

Now I really wonder when do I get to do some building, we are widening the range everyday and I'm so occupied by making the graphic and maintaining the shop that I'm slowly thinking of hiring some more staff. Lynx lovers start thinking about turning yourself in :)

DIRTY LYNX - 04-02-2008

Dokuro shirt bundle

Nicely textured, urban grunge shirts - another nice piece to the collection. Four colors for a very friendly price. I'm really proud of all the people in DL, they're all doing great work and this shirt set is one of those :) Ivanka is developing a style of her own, don't ya dare to miss it! I'll watch for sure :)


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