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DIRTY LYNX - 04-30-2009

Vamp ladies night

Just in time for Beltine, we provide some protection to the ladies of the night. Nosferatu in female variation is out there on the shelves of our stores. Go get them, and see you by the balefire! xStreet.

DIRTY LYNX - 04-27-2009

Nosferatu vampire armor

I haven't touched the armor line for quite some time. Been asked for Amatsu variations a lot, so here is the first one. Vampire style, with vamp skulls and bones. Darkness surrounds my heart, my soul. Male version soon to be followed by a fem modification. xStreet link.

DIRTY LYNX - 04-22-2009

Bwindi Orphans - We support charity

Bwindi Orphans is a charity non-profit organization helping children in Uganda, Africa. Its SecondLife presence is maintained by people I know and trust (which is imperative in such cases). I decided to help out by lending the Bytegang gardens in front of the Dirty Lynx store to the good purpose.

For the period of one month there will be an exposition of original photos from africa taking place on bytegang and there will be a donation piggy placed nearby. You are welcome to contribute! clicking the photos will take you to a website where you can check more info and see the growing mass of supporters :)

Not just that. Until announced otherwise, I’m ready to offer anyone who contributed a store credit equal to the amount donated. Just contact me via a notecard.

Helping others fly only makes your wings stronger and brings you closer to the sun.

DIRTY LYNX - 04-17-2009

Shikaku assassin utility belt

Another piece by Toxic. Heavy war gear with rusty knives and fat pockets to house your mess. Again, mod and copy as this combo seems to wipe out the non delivery problem :) We have more products to come soon, including a very long asked for male variation of one of our most popular items. Stay tuned. And an xStreet link for this piece.

DIRTY LYNX - 04-06-2009

More jeans please

As a small yet sweet addition to the line we're introducing the Hiratai low waist jeans pack. It contains four different designs, and the jeans come mod and copy. One of Ivanka's pieces. xStreet link.

DIRTY LYNX - 04-03-2009

Kyuuzou heavy combat belt

Another piece by our new face :) Heavy grenades belt, men's exclusive affair, complements the DL belts line and I've got more of these to come. Just need to pack them for you. Again, mod and copy ok. xStreet Link.

DIRTY LYNX - 03-31-2009


I'm introducing a new face to the designer team. Toxic Lemon, some of you might have known his brand before, has joined us and we have multiple releases by him scheduled for the coming days. The first one is here today - the Riot warrior scarf. It's sculpted, rather unisex, and comes in three color combos. Mod copy - it's an experiment - I wonder if I ever get any 'item lost' or 'not received' for this piece, heh :) xStreet link.


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